Different Types Of Special Warehouse Storage

Different warehouses offer unique services and storage needs depending on the type of goods. Some are able to provide every type of specialist storage required, while others will simply focus on just one or none at all. In whichever way you will learn that not all goods can be stored in the same room. Some may need special handling, while others do not. Well, let’s find out types of specialist warehouse storage.

Hazardous warehouse storage

Well, this type of storage depends mostly on what type of dangerous materials the warehouse is dealing with. When looking for these type of storages, the class of hazardous goods should be provided. Different warehouses deals with different types of hazardous goods. A gas based items such as oxygen tanks or methane cylinders which need a well-protected storage area may not be put together with flammable liquids or chemicals. They are all hazardous but they all need to be put in separate specially designed storage units. These type of special warehouse have different licensing.

Cold storage warehouse

Fresh foods and other perishables are mainly stored here. The chilled storage either stops the damage or slows down the bacteria and insects which ruin these types of products if left at room temperature. Fresh flowers can also be well preserved in these cold rooms and still keep their glorious look. These storages are flexible and can easily be built to your specification, allowing you to store and monitor your products easily. Some are installed with alarms and alerts to notify you of any temperature or power failure. Operating cold storages can be challenging due to power costs.

Archive storage

A company that handles a lot of information on daily basis this is the place to go. All those important documents and data that no longer need to be stored in a series of files can conveniently be stored in archive storage within a secure warehouse. Advantages of archive storage are:

  • Frees up office space for productivity.
  • Ensures safety of the documents from damages such as fire if stored in a fire protected archive storage.
  • Off- site archive storage facilities guarantees easy document retrieval. With technology the documents are easily tracked through every step.

Bonded warehouse storage

Also referred to as custom warehouses, they usually store imported goods without paying tax duties on them. Lack of payment helps the importer to save money. These warehouses acts as a safe zone until the goods are either sold or re-exported with the duties coming from the sales profit. It’s a convenient place for a person who has goods which are subject to restrictions, for they provide rooms for goods until you get permission to move them.

Ambient storage

This type of storage, caters for goods which need to be placed at a room temperature. It’s suitable for all types of goods such as papers, electrical items and perishables. The storageplus.com.au/our-services/sydney/ facilities offers dry, clean, well ventilated storage at room temperature. This environment maintain quality and integrity of the goods.